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It wasn't new for him to pine after Ladybug. It wasn't new for him to get horny just thinking about her. He was almost 18 and had one thing on his mind and one thing only. Although, unlike most other boys his age, Adrien really only thought about two girls. His Lady and his classmate. Once puberty hit, Ladybug really filled out her suit quite nicely. Her chest became bigger, her hips were wider, her butt more bodacious. Her hair had also gotten longer and she had begun to pull it into ex dating someone else immediately ponytail for a more mature look. He was not complaining! He wanted to lock her in his room and pleaser her all night long.

Although he adored Ladybug and wanted to father her children, he also couldn't help but be drawn to Marinette. Puberty had done wonders on her too. He always thought she was cute, but now she was drop dead gorgeous! She wore her long hair down. It was no wonder all the boys in the entire school wanted her. He was one of them. However, everyone knew of her crush on him, so nobody even tried to ask her out. He wanted her. He wanted her in his bed. He wanted a three-way with her and Ladybug. If only he could get that lucky. But, he was still a gentleman and thought it wasn't fair to Marinette, or Ladybug for that matter, that neither woman had all of his heart. So, he bit his tongue every time he thought about asking them out on a date. Although he wanted them both, and bad, he didn't want to be a jerk and two-time them. Both ladies deserved better than a two-timer. Both ladies deserved someone who would love them with all their heart… not half of it. But, there was nothing in the gentleman code against taking pictures of both girls when they weren't looking.

He, as Cat Noir, took pictures of Ladybug every chance he got using his staff as a camera. And when the battles or patrols were over, he would quickly feed Plagg cheese and transform again just to spy on Marinette. He loved watching her change clothes through his staff. Oh, how he wanted to be in her room and watching her change in person. Perhaps she would let him do more. But, for now, he was content with snapping pictures of her, sometimes necked, body. Tonight was one of those lucky nights when he caught her coming out of the shower and he had a good angle. He snapped the picture. He looked at it and smiled like a Cheshire cat. He got the purrrrfect shot! Full frontal nudity with wet hair draped over her shoulders and sticking to her skin!

And it wasn't blurry! He knew taking those photography classes would pay off. He had what he came for. While Plagg ate himself into a food coma, Adrien got undressed and flopped onto his bed with his phone, some lotion and a box of tissues. He had figured out that all the pictures he took with his staff would appear on his phone once he de-transformed. He found the picture and began to relieve his tension. Oh, he wished his hand was actually her. He imagined her on top of him, her chest on his, his member penetrating her womanhood. Oh god! He wanted her! He caught his breath after he finished and gazed at the picture again. He heard that after a man masturbates to a woman the woman was no longer attractive to him. He proved ex is dating someone else wrong as he drooled. Her smile alone made him horny again. Her eyes made him melt. And her body, oh god! The more he stared, the more he wanted her. The more he stared, the more a noticed something.

She was looking at something. His eyes fallowed her gaze and found a little red thing floating in the corner. What is that? How did he not notice that before? He enlarged the image and the dot became a bit more visible, although a tad pixelated. Adrien smiled even wider. That means Marinette is Ladybug! Plagg yawned again. Adrien sighed and smiled. I'm too excited! My Lady and my Princess are the same person. Oh god I love her! Story Story Writer Forum Community. Adrien only has one thing on his mind, girls. Two girls to be exact. He discovers a secret that both girls share while being a Dirty Little Kitty.

Characters have been aged up to less pedophilic ages. Rated M for sexual themes, sex, langue, and. Ch, 1. What do we have here? It was his new favorite. He had what he came for As soon as he got home how to start dating someone else de-transformed and gave Plagg a pile of cheese. He shot up and ran to Plagg whom had long fell asleep on the sofa. Wake up! I'm up! It's still dark out! What about her? Model behaver 3. Cat Blocked 4. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Your review has been posted.

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If you are under 16 you really shouldn't be in here, but I know most of you are mature for your ages so I won't tell anyone if you don't :. Make sure to have at least a gallon of holy water on stand by before continuing this book. This book will contain one shots of sinfulness moments between characters in and possibly out of the miraculous universe. That's right you guys get to decide what kind of sinful chapters get written, but of course we will have to set some rules. There won't be a crowd of ppl watching or anything.

Crossover ships as in characters outside of miraculous, if I'm familiar with the character then I can write it. The moment I get this request you will be blocked and reported end of discussion. I can choose to not accept any request as well if they A. Dont meet with the standards that I set or B: How to tell a girl youre dating someone else can't think of a chapter to write for it. You can request in the comments or PM me in my page. Whenever I make a request chapter I'll tag the person who made the request if you would prefer not to be tag pls let me know upon making the request and I will not tag you. If you don't like a shipping than just skip the chapter.

So with that said brace yourself cause I think we'll all go mad by the end of this!! Story Story Writer Forum Community. Warning: This book is strictly sin, smuts, lemons of couples in the miraculous universe and nothing more. If you are under 18, uncomfortable with this kind of content or looking for a legit story with plot. I suggest you look the other way. Holy water is Madatory. You have been warned. If you are under 16 you really shouldn't be in here, but I know most of you are mature for your ages so I won't tell anyone if you don't : Make sure to have at least a gallon of holy water on stand by before continuing this book.

Here is the deal. And here's where the fun part comes in. I Take Request. I won't just write any kind of sin there has to be a limit. All pairings will be 17 in age. It's that simple. Rules 2. Fifty Shades of Bourgeois 3. It Started With A Dare 4. Drunken Confessions 5. Heartbreak 6. Locker Room Heat 7. It Takes Three To Tango 8. Who Says Three's A Crowd 9. A Helping Hand 10. No Netflix Lots of Chill 11. Rooftop Rendezvous 12. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Your review has been posted. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. Close Working. Terms of Service.

She didn't even know how it all started, and thinking back she was sure it was bound to happen sooner or later. Based on Chat's flirty yet innocent advances and her growing body, something was bound to burst. She had to let it out, she had to feel. Her back was pressed against a chimney stack, hair out of it's ties and hands pulling on Chat's hair like he was what was keeping her breathing. His lips were insistent, desperate, as they pressed against hers and caressed her carefully. He was putting everything he could into this kiss, and then some more. His hands were gripping her hips, pulling her closer to him and giving her the chance to feel the need he felt for her. His groans were swallowed by her mouth, soothed with her tongue and sealed with her breathy moans. He was practically purring as she ran her hands over his back and shoulders. By the time he was cupping her butt, he was panting into their parted mouths in a manner more similar to a dog than his namesake.

Chat was just an animalistic person, Ladybug rationalized. He was wild and free and passionate and unhinged- everything she wanted to be and everything she yearned for. He would growl against her lips when their hips ground against each other. He would purr when her gloved fingernails scraped his scalp. He nuzzled against her neck before dragging his teeth against the pulse and suckling right below the corner of her jaw. Yet his snickers when she moaned out into the Parisian night were nothing but human. They were all Chat and all that Ladybug adored.

Chat had gripped her leg and hitched how to start dating someone else over his bony hip, pressing his hardened length against her now-vulnerable crotch. It wasn't much, seeing that they were both wrapped in tough leather, but she could feel almost e verything. She gasped when he thrust upward, pushing her into the bricks even more and tickling the little nub that was bound to be swollen with all of this arousing attention he was ravishing upon her. Chat smiled against her neck and took that opportunity to grind against her again, most likely wanting to relish in the sounds he would pull out of her. It sounded like he just swallowed a cup of gravel. It was so sexy. She screamed in her head. The way he almost demanded she do that, to the way his voice rasped against her throat and vibrated her all the way down to her toes, it just made that yearning in between her thighs to grow and that desperation for friction to jump to the front of her mind.

She needed him. He stood up a little straighter, so his nose was level with hers, and slowly he pushed his hips- and throbbing erection- against her. Every inch of Ladybug was on fire, burning with desire and an aching itch that only Chat could scratch. But it only got worse with every touch, building and pulsing harder with every bump of his hips against hers. If her short ex dating someone else right after break up reddit were any indicator, Chat would be the reason of her undoing, soon unraveling her at the seams. They started slow, but the pace picked up when Chat's usual impatience took over and reared it's wild head in his oh-so green eyes. Being this close to his face gave Ladybug a good chance to memorize him. His face was angelic, perfect in angles and skin tone and she hated that her partner had to be so freaking attractive and oh my God he's cupping my boob.

Chat's clawed thumb grazed over her nipple and that breathy gasp she had let out was louder now, and Chat's smirk was easily wiped away by her mouth. Their kisses were more frantic, matching the pace of their bumping hips, and soon Ladybug was starting to feel this coiling in her lower stomach. There was a clenching, desperate to grab onto something, and a fluttering right where Chat was rubbing against her. Her blood was searing through her veins, shaking with every thrust and sharp inhale she took. Her skin was hot and there was a spring that was begging to be released and fly through her. All she needed was Chat to be closer, closer, closer, Please, dear God, get closer I can't get enough and I want to taste you and. Chat was groaning against her lips and his green, green eyes fluttered open as he broke there kiss and latched his mouth against her neck again. He was sucking, biting, and licking every inch of exposed skin, lapping up her sweat like it was the elixir of life.

When his claw scraped over her nipple again, something snapped and Ladybug was cresting and falling at the same time, overcome with this overly incredible tightening sensation in her entire lower half. Her breathing was halting and ripples of pure pleasure crashed over her. Had she paid any attention, she would have noticed Chat swallowing her load moans with his mouth, matching it with his own grunts as he spent himself within his armor. If Ladybug was honest with herself, which was rare when she had the mask on, she would have wanted to stay like this with Chat until her Miraculous wore off and her identity was revealed.

But something inside of her- that stupid and righteous part of her brain that had been crying the entire time her lips were attached to Chat's- was demanding she straighten up and go home, then take a hot shower before begging forgiveness in front of Adrien's poster. He was making her feel something unreal, something unfathomable and hardly obtainable. This was Chat Noir, her trusted partner and good friend. He was her ally, he always had her back. But he knew nothing about her. He was enthralled with her name and image, not the real girl underneath. And she knew nothing of the boy behind the mask. For all she knew, he could be everything she hated and stood against in her civilian life. Or he could be everything she wanted. And that's what scared her the most. She had to get away. She cleared her throat and gently pushed Chat up so he was standing straight again. He looked her in the eyes, an earnest and loving expression plastered on his face and she just wanted to kiss those stupidly lush lips of his.

Her control wavered, just so much that she let herself have this moment with Chat. And she would let her control stay at bay so she could enjoy it just a little more before her facade returned and she never did this with him again. So she gave him a quick and chaste kiss before she stepped away. Without waiting, she bid him a quick goodnight and fled. And when Chat's cries for her to return fell on deaf ears, Ladybug fought the tears burning in her eyes and the guilt she felt when that ache in between her what to do when shes dating someone else was ebbed because of Chat's touch. She didn't regret it, no. But she did feel like she made a big mistake. Story Story Writer Forum Community. She knows that her hormones will be the end of her, sooner or later. And with the way Chat is looking at her now, she knows it will be sooner. Rated M for a lot of smut. Continued in "Not So Secret".

Bump and Grind. Ladybug has never been reckless. Or thoughtless, or hasty, or rash. But tonight, she was all of that and then some. And Chat was letting her do just that. All of it. All she needed was Chat to be closer, closer, closer, Please, dear God, get closer I can't get enough and I want to taste you and - Chat was groaning against her lips and his green, green eyes fluttered open as he broke there kiss and latched his mouth against her neck again. There was a reason she was never rash or thoughtless or reckless. It was so her feelings wouldn't get in the way of her job. Bump and Grind 2. Touch and Go 3. Tit for Tat 4. Shock and Awe 5. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Your review has been posted. Actions Add to Community Report My ex wife is dating someone else. Close Working.

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