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Ex dating someone else just 3 days after breakup. Its been about five weeks since we broke up. She's 18 and i am 23. She has a pretty severe eating disorder anorexia and boulimia and told me it would be better for me if we broke up because in her opinion i could't handle her ED. She told me she needed time for herself before she was ready for a relationship and that she was starting therapy soon. I agreed and said it was better for the both of us. I told her that i still love her very much, and i would still be there for her if she ever needed help with her problems. So a week later i was browsing Tumblr and i came across a post written by her. Long story short the post was saying how she went on a date last Friday with a guy she had known for a couple of months. The post was basically saying how it was the best date of her life and how she never met someone like him before. It finished by saying that they kissed and that she is falling in love with him. I texted her about this, asking for explanation. A few days later we met each other by accident and had a long conversation about everything that happend.

We talked about our memories together, how she was sorry and the mistakes we both made while we where still together. In the end we hugged and wished each other the best. I was still too broken to be angry. The last five weeks have been an emotional rollercoaster, constantly switching between anger, sadness, jealousy and a dozen of other emotions. Part of me hates her, part of me still loves her and wants her back. This is the first time in my life that i can legitimately say a girl broke my hearth. Im also being reminded that she is with him through social media, she posted a picture of them together in her Instagram story i literally had to puke when i saw this and how to start dating someone else Instagram is full of pictures of her, saying how she "means the world" to him which i think is ridiculous to say about someone you've known just two weeks.

Still it feels like he can give her the love that i was never able to give. I know i have to move on because university is starting soon and i can't let my education be ruined by this shit. She is 18. Her "world" stretches about 5 ft around her. Don't worry about it. Things don't just happen 3 days after a relationship unless they were planned lived through the same exact thing. Best thing you my ex-boyfriend is already dating someone else do is block her immediately on everything and not contact her. If she somehow gets a message to you just ignore. It will hurt the first couple of times but it will get a lot easier. You are probably right. She was acting really distant when we where in Berlin, i asked here what was the matter and she told me it was because of her ED and that she hasn't eating anything yet. Which i think is partially true but there had to be something else. Also a few weeks ago we had a small ladybug chat noir fanfiction lemon and she asked me if i felt the need to be with someone else.

When we had our talk when we accidentally met each other she told me she didn't feel anything for him when we where still together. There was probably more going and i will never find out, nor want to find out what. Yeah i started lifting dumbells at home and will join the gym when school starts. Getting in shape and having an active body is a good way to build confidence and get over this kind of shit. Thanks a lot for your advice! One step at a time and you will be golden. Like UberRussian said, that doesn't just happen. Women can get the attention of multiple guys simply by posting a selfie. It's easy for them to jump into something new. Her being in a new relationship doesn't make your relationship any less over than it already was. It's just the exclamation point at the end of your story together. NC has been the best route for me. I don't want to be tortured by seeing my ex's stuff online.

That's like a recovering crack addict keeping a rock around "just in case". My advice to you is to be proactive, and start building your new life. Focus on your education, and start making small talk with some of the girls at school. You don't have to rush into anything, but making new friends isn't going to hurt. Your time for a new relationship will come. I'm sorry that happend to you. Yeah im also kind of looking forward to starting school. It's nice to have some actual rhythm in my life instead of sitting at home being alone at day and getting drunk with friends in the evening. I will also be joining a new class this semester since i fucked it up last year, so hopefully i will meet some nice new people including girls. I'm not actively looking for a new relationship though. Thanks a lot! Thanks, I'm still getting over it. We broke up about 3 weeks ago, but this isn't the first time I've dealt with heartbreak, so it's a little easier for me I think.

One thing that helps me is knowing that mentally her and I weren't right for each other, and my emotions just have to catch up to those thoughts. I think that if you keep the majority of your focus on your future, what to do when he starts dating someone else new friends, you'll be just fine. I know your pain completely. My ex has a new girlfriend and they're posting how happy they are, "I love yous" and "you're the best" after only 2 days together. It's been 2 weeks of them together now, maybe a month "knowing" each other. Delete them off social media and stop looking. Keep busy, hang out with friends, work on yourself. Message me if you need to. Always willing to talk. Just stopped following her on Instagram. It's kind of weird but sometimes i get this compulsive need to look at her profile. Not because i want to but because something inside me is forcing me to. I know this is all irrational and won't help me in any way so i'll just have to fight it.

I would also like to talk. It's human nature to be curious and look, but you become your own worst enemy and what you potentially find never makes you feel better. Each new picture stabs again like the last one. Try to keep busy and don't entertain the thought to look when it comes up. Sorry man, but at 18 and 23 your are in completely different worlds. You need to go no contact and stop looking her up. You're right. She also told me she saw her own life as some sort of indie romantic teen arthouse movie. She want's love like it's portraid in the movies and i'm just past that stuff. The guy she is with now is also 23 years old but he is the typical quasi romantic pretentious asshole that owns a polaroid camera, so i guess its a perfect match. I always thought she was different and more mature than other 18 year olds. Happened to my break up 3 weeks into NC. Week 6 she came running back, went on a date, all was going well to maybe date again, a lot of work was put in to myself.

However I found out after we had a mini reconciliation and it made it 10 times harder with hurt feelings. But no one asks the question. If she did come back a few weeks after the rebound saying she wanted you forever. It may hurt to see her in a rebound, but it also hurts if you get back together because now your view on your perfect girl has been shattered and you have to swallow your pride over love to move on. I'm in this situation and it's a tough one. Depends on how i look at it. On an emotional level i want her back. I want to see her, hug her, kiss her, hear her voice etc. Also there is just too much damage done, i don't think the good times we had could ever happen again. With me we had a night out since the break up after 7 weeks NC and it was before I knew and we talked in depth. We had an amazing good time and that kind of pushed the chemistry into forgiveness. Soon after I posted this she called me after we both sat on it again for a week NC and it's been 2 mo this since break up.

We are getting together tomorrow with the intentions to try and make this work, but on new terms for both of us. Best of luck to you man.

Hiw do you deal with your ex immediately dating someone else? Look, this happened to me. I felt distressed for months, and the worst were the first couple of days after the breakup itself. Did I really not mean anything to him that it took him a mere 2 days to find a replacement for someone whom he was once with for more than 2 years? I lost my confidence, I was a wreck. It was only after a few days of rest that I finally had some sense put back into me. I was his first love, and it took him 21 years, and travelling halfway across the world to find me. So for him to be finding someone new 2 days after the breakup could either mean one of these 2 things - luck or rebound. Turns out it was the second one. A few weeks later, he sent me an email saying how terrible this new girl is. But, how did I deal with my ex immediately dating someone else after the breakup? Stop all contact with him. It only makes things worse if you keep looking at photos or updates of your ex and new SO over his social media, and it only disrupts your healing process.

Look, no one is able to get over a genuine relationship within a short period of time. Point 2 should have a 2. Thanks, I was feeling hurt because i went to an island for a summer job for her and we broke up shortly after. I definitely have some things I need to work to be a better SO, but it was too much to be stuck on an island and see her going on dates. Luckily our company let me transfer and I now have no contact for at least a month until our company sends me back to help out. She said it was a rebound, it still hurt so much. Well when you feel heartbroken most likely after a breakup you did not anticipated, you will always have yourself thinking what were the things you could've done to be a better SO.

Maybe you shouldn't have been so possessive, maybe you should've hugged them tighter. But if that person was really meant to be yours, they'd stick around to wait for these changes. If they leave you for someone else, even if it may be a rebound, then perhaps they were never really meant for you in the first place. I'm not sure how fun this island or whatever you are currently doing for your summer break, but i'd say let loose and have fun. I did not have any energy or motivation to have fun and meet other people right after the breakup, despite the fact that my ex did that and that there were so many people telling me I should go out. But you said it yourself, it was too much to be stuck on an island and seeing her going on dates. It won't fully heal the pain but it does help a bit. My friend had to force me to get up, go out and meet other people when I couldn't leave the bed because I was so hurt. Well I didn't instantly forget about my ex the night I eventually went out to see other people, but eventually over time I kept in touch with someone lovely I met on that night and it helped me dreams about your partner dating someone else on over time : Go out and heal better, pal!

Same happened bro, but I got strung a long first saying we were fixing it only to find out she was going on dates so I did the no contact thing. When they're dating someone else, they aren't going to care much and sadly there's not much you can do but wait the course. Me and my ex have mutual friends so I'm going to be alpha as hell when I see her, be the guy I was when I attracted her and honestly my main motivation is to make sure I'm better than whoever she's dating. Eventually even if she keeps this dude, I'll be ten how to handle your ex dating someone else better and will either get her back or get someone even better.

Man oh man. I know this feeling but 10x worse. My ex is with the women he cheated on me with, now she's pregnant. It's only been 5 months. And he's still trying to talk to me. It's one of the worse feelings in the world. I wish I had the answer. Please tell me when you do. I know this sounds lame, but to help me, I binge watched a lot of shows. Even ones I already watched. I have my sisters and one of my best friends whose helped me through this. They are there for me. I know I should take my own advice, but don't let this define you. I'm still going through this and learning as well. Best of luck. I guess the big thing in this sub is to have no contact. It's good to not be constantly reminded of your ex. My ex of 6 years did the same thing. Different people cope in different ways. If they broke up with you it's possible they were feeling unhappy for a while and planning an escape route, in that case they had plenty of time to get over you which makes it seem like they got over you quickly.

She definitely is seeking other people to distract her. It's hard because it feels like it's my business, but it just isn't anymore. This happened to me a few years ago. It was my first relationship, we'd been together for 11 months, and the breakup seemed very sudden and unexpected at the time. Within two weeks, he started talking to a girl we had both met once who was friends with the mutual friend who had introduced me to my ex. We promised each other, and I always keep my promises, plus I didn't know how to let go and not have him in my life, so we stayed in contact and saw each other in group hangouts, etc. That was the one of the most painful things I've ever experienced in my life. On top of that, three months later they were living together. He moved into her apartment in Ventura and still worked in Chatsworth and commuted back and forth.

He very obviously loved her way more than he ever loved me and I wasn't able to cope with that. It didn't really work. I had friends who were supportive, but some of the people I really wanted to be able to count on weren't as understanding about my feelings as I wanted them to be. I don't believe in forgetting your past, but in this case, it would be necessary at least until you feel better. The other thing mentioned by other posters, is a support system. Do not talk to people who don't make you feel better. If you go to someone for advice or to vent, make sure they are saying things good or bad that are helpful to you. And while it's good to reflect and think, don't spend too much time alone. Contact with others, especially people who aren't connected or associated with your ex or the new person, makes a big difference. Anyone who can move on that fast wasn't invested enough in your relationship, and you need to find someone who will ladybug chat noir fanfiction lemon. Thanks for your post.

I definitely have unfollowed them on social media. I'm just nervous because I will be forced to see her in a month because of work. Well, that's kind of a while. Your feelings could change a lot in a month. Hopefully if you stay focused on healing and taking care of yourself, by that time you'll feel a lot better than you're feeling now, or at least well enough to be able to handle it. For now try not to worry about it, and stick to your own hobbies and activities you enjoy, be with friends and family, maybe keep a journal of your feelings. Writing things down helps me immensely, so I recommend it. Make sure you're getting enough sleep. Take walks. Take everything one day at a time. You'll be okay. My ex of 5 years 2 years on and off broke up with me on the phone with no reason given one week before I was going to make a trip out to see him. I go on Instagram and see he's been socializing with the girl he had been seeing during a time we were on a break. It stings and it's hard to not think about.

I blocked and deleted him on every platform and hope that time will do its thing and I'll care less and less about it eventually. It's been a little bit of time, but that is what I ended up doing was deleting my ex off social media and deleted her number. Helped me not to try to contact her and time me has helped immensely. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. All rights reserved. Want to join? Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit a new link. Submit a new text post. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. BreakUps join leave 137,052 readers 671 users here now Rules This is a support community. Be supportive.

Even if I'm really hurt I guess I could do the same to feel a little better but you know what, I will not. I will work on myself and learn how to become more independant and learn how to love myself. The only way how to really do this is by learning how to be alone, and I'm looking forward to this. To work on myself, to level up by working on the things I don't like about myself. I will have so much time now when I will be by myself. Time I will use wisely to get new skills and hobbies. First I got mad at her not even being able to wait at least until I move out. But now I have changed and starting to feel sorry for her. She claims to be so independant but monkey branching like she has been doing all her life is not being independent. She has even told me she hates being alone. Funny thing is that she's into self improvement a lot reading books, looking at Youtube videos and so on.

But she will never be able to deal with her real issue - to learn how to truly love herself. So an advice to you dumpees. Take this opportunity and start working on yourself. Learn how to love yourself by being alone and become independent. It will give you opportunities you would never be able to get if you were in a relationship. I only joined this sub recently. I'm the dumpee of 2 months. I get that there is a lot of anger, frustration and sadness directed at people's ex's in here. Yeah, getting dumped fucking sucks. I cried, was sick, had to dream about my crush dating someone else some time off work to help recover. Looking back I can see how her feelings changed. I stopped being her emotional Rock, and that's on me. I've inadvertently gone No Contact twice before in my past, and those ex's came back. She was telling me how much she wanted marriage and kids with me more than anything in the world, and 10 minutes later she's bawling her eyes out, packing her stuff and getting out.

Whether or not NC will work this time, who knows? Everyone grieves differently. But don't cheapen others situations because they don't fit into your narrow vision of how you 'should' respond to the end of a relationship. Note to add: when we got together it was literally an hour after she'd dumped her ex. I was the first true love of her life. I know that it's not what many want to hear, but if it's possible that you are going to find someone better than your ex, the likelihood is good for them, too. Some people get over breakups a lot quicker than others and no two people are the same. In those cases where you are emotionally destroyed, and your pillow is like a wet sponge for weeks - you obviously need more quality you-time.

But my point is - people are different, and all relationships are too. How someone "moves on" after a hurtful breakup is basically up to them, and should not be judged. I think the biggest mistake people do is hunt down info regarding their previous SO. Checking them out, asking friends what they are up to and so on. They will only take up more space in your head. With her cheating ex it took her a year, she then had a 6 month relationship with a druggie loser type, it took her 6 months ex girlfriend is dating someone else date again. Well 2 weeks after the break up she was on pof! As soon as I found out she told me her and him went to the same restaurant for their 1st date that we went to for ours.

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