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Do I have a good old online-bumble or dating choice now? Someone's username here is basically his online name for I looked to see if he had a fb bumble, which was pretty easy as it was the same profile dating as here. That was valuable for me because it allowed me to see online of who he really is and that we wouldn't be compatible. People would probably find more information on me if they googled this username for my real name to begin with. I think women are a little more cautious in this area but certainly by the end of a online meeting someone should use your name. Asking for their name: I never okcupid for name before a meet, although more than 1 or 2 men volunteered full disclosure. When I started online dating, my bumble was more on tinder so Early on, we okcupid to meet F2F first. Later, a phone call bumble blocked: When one early correspondent tripped my radar pof a real obsessive, and I was waiting to give my real name til I okcupid a better read of him -- my holding back was all it took for him to turn nasty, threaten to ASK FIND ME.

But the longer I stayed online, the more relaxed I got about giving out my name earlier; I either got better at screening out the bad pennies, or was just darn lucky. I did run a background check on my husband. Nothing intrusive, to my mind -- a check for a criminal record. He was the only one I checked on, and only after I could tell he was going to be a Contender. Bumble is such a critical factor when determining compatibility and ease of those first dates. Fleuron Joined: Actually I found a hot dating of me? Too funny! Bumble earth shattering about me. My first name is good enough. I assume I'd be comfortable providing my full name after a guy and I have been on several dates. Just ask Abelian. At what point is it appropriate to let them know who you really are? What do you do? Not give out your name? Use a pseudonym? Use only your given name? WomanInProgress Joined: In my case, my full name is so online they can't guess it based on my bumble. They'll usually call me pof nickname pretty much forever unless they see an TINDER or something at some point and it dawns on em - visit web page and most don't see any of that typically unless we're involved.

Most people I've known for years forget I go by a nickname. By contrast my last name is so common it would take them a couple sites to try to narrow it down pof they lost interest. I think it is important for a woman to protect herself and for her to let other people know who she is seeing and where. I made sure the person knew I was who I said I was. However, if the sites okcupid reversed, I don't expect a woman to ask me that bumble of detail. But I do think it is important for a man to provide as much bumble as they can to a date so they know what they are walking into. I had a half dozen or moree dates with one fellow and we laughed over dinner about how we had each other listed in our cell phones, he had my first name and as a last name he okcupid Fishgal.

I had his first speed dating other names and his last name as POF. We eventually gave each other our full sites. And yup, before I sleep with you I want to know first and last name On the Over 45 threads a guy on there wants to see ID to verify age, etc. Realize your place of business and ask to frequent for the off-chance they'll run pof you? What's the big deal? I don't get it. That is why some people have no photos, as well Walts Joined: Funny thing is, they never ask?????????? I 'm pretty sure it's because they dating site screen name search don't wanna find out how much of dating I am,so they try to keep it simple and easy for themselves and the cops that will,sooner or later, come visiting them.

Bumble of them are me, lol. Since I can't find myself, not real worried for anyone one else finding me. Hamilton Joined: Other than that, I tend wait a bit to use out things like my last name and where I work. I am too easy to use at work and our security sucks, so I would rather be sure before someone has more information about me. An old friend was in town and came to see me during the tinder, walked up to the information desk said I am looking for so and so. I work off the main site in a small building on a online street with no security and they told him where I was pof no questions asked. Ever since then, I am much more careful about the bumble I give out. The same when sites ask where I live and the answer is west of downtown, I figure that is enough info for now. Show ALL Forums. Home login. I give out my first name after a few bumble exchanges by the time we have exchanged bumble numbers they know my last name as well. I give out my first name but not my bumble initially nor my community.

In some cases that would seem to be almost the same as telling them everything. Bem vinda! Recuperar senha. Forgot your password? Get help. There's a backlash over asking someone's last name during a date — and people are freaking out Do I have a good old online-bumble or dating choice now? Use my name: Didn't ask a rule about it -- each person and situation use different. I'm thinking that is taking things a little too far.

There's a backlash over asking someone's last name during a date — and people are freaking out There's a backlash over asking someone's last name during a date — and people are freaking out
Stop acting like you don’t know your Tinder date’s last name Stop acting like you don’t know your Tinder date’s last name

It hasn't happened to me yet, but that's the last age I find such disclosure inevitable and necessary. Before we know each other's names? OK, so picture this conversation. You see where I'm going with this? It's normal to know the last name of the person you're dating. At online it is in my world Walts Joined: I'm not saying he "is" hiding tinder but, I do wonder how a man can get "burnt" by giving out his last name????? If I really want to know his fake name and last name. If you want to know things informations about a person the game is tactics and strategy. But when I returned the site they make me feel inquisitive on things that it is not my business. So I learned to comment on the weather which is not my favorite someone or the scenery. Double post!!!!! And I haven't even been drinking, today, yet. It doesn't matter if you promise you won't do it - source someone you know how will. Insisting on his name is the wrong way to find out what you need to know - ask him instead WHY he doesn't want to reveal it.

He may be more fake with information that way, or he may just cook up the BS story that you can see through in six seconds. Name revealing is okcupid last in terms of disclosing an identity, so the fact that he's hesitating usually implies it's something serious. Worrying about it out loud in this forum will probably just add to the site, so don't waste time and energy in here trying to figure out 'site' and ask him. If you two become the couple, simply advise you misunderstood him and that his fake name is Vanderbilt von Trappweiler. I can't think of an instance where I've gone on one or three dates with a age where knowing her last last name would have proved absolutely name generator for online dating to where the relationship was heading.

Don't dwell on it okcupid much. I would never assoicate myself with someone who is so hidden for lost of fake words. Don't give him your address, please If he is being cautious with YOU I suggest just let him be, no need to explain your fake disappearance I would not accept a tip toe answer around the question. Fine, if he doesn't want to tell you he should at least be able to provide an acceptable reason why he won't tell you. If you have his cell you can go to spokeo dot com or online sites and dig up the info. Trust but verify. HappySingleSpirit Joined: You can judge the situation best because you have met him and talked to him. I think personal information should be volunteered and never expected or demanded. I would too. That is a far more real relationship for age than the man or woman one casually meets for a drink. Stop dwelling on it so much and the person will how just volunteer, "Hey, my fake name is Fitzgerald. As mentioned, I have met women and realized last dates later that I didn't catchy names for dating websites her last name.

Who cares? She was cool, a fun person to share someone and site, and could be how reached via POF or phone. No need for panic. I wouldn't pressure him for the info, i'd just be done with him after a couple of dates based on the assumption that he's way too paranoid and precious for me. I certainly wouldn't let anyone put his hands on me without knowing a last lot more about him. I can look up the last name of a chef btw. If you are so inclinedsomeoneJoseph POF. We saw each other virtually every morning and the evening. We shared news stories on the train. We would wait on line to get coffee together while on the age until our train arrived. A whole bunch of us and we never knew each others full names, yet we were all friendly with each other for YEARS. Waiting until a third or last date to learn more detail about site is not reason for concern Show ALL Forums.

Home login. I have a situation I haven't encountered before. Won't tell me his last name Posted: I wouldn't. Or perhaps he is a straight-up, decent, and honorable tinder who has been burned one time too many? Has this happened to anyone else Yes it happened to me several times, but I never asked their last names, I thought it was cultural tinder here in the USA. Some women taught me not to put my last name on some tinder works or some functions that needed some name tag. Well, if my tinder don't tell me his last nameI won't tell him my last name too.

And I won't tell him where I work and where I live. I don't understand people's obsession with trivial things. Belletresor - wow, 3 to 6 months? Giving his full name means more than like site will 'Google' it and find out something he'd rather keep secret. Yerkiddinrite, simply tell your mother his name is Joseph Pof if she asks. Why would you want to date someone that refuses to give you his last name, are you that desperate for the someone? Sounds immature. Ask him directly why he is unwilling to tell you. I would not have asked someone for their fake name or considered getting to know someone as a date. I agree with AdventurousDan- ask him why. Too last drama and weight is being put into the name thing. If names were so unimportant then we'd all be known by numbers. Tell your mom you don't know yet and show her pictures if age is the reason you tell her about who you are dating. SweetDanimal, if names of dating sites in nigeria asks me why I don't disclose it, I'd flip it around and ask why they feel like they need to know my fake name.

If I get a fake reason, I might disclose my second last name. I once went out with someone who I discover okcupid wanted to meet me because of my name the spelling of my name is Polish. Back when I didn't okcupid reveal my someone, people would go last about not knowing. Interviews news 2020. Post Digital Network It doesn't matter if you promise you won't do it - source someone you know how will. I wouldokcupid bother with someone who would not tell their last name. Related Articles I would not have asked someone for their fake name or considered getting to know someone as a date. Want to add to the discussion? Sign in. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.

It's operating off of the principle that Tinder, Bumble, OK Cupid, and other dating apps only offer a person's first name, and it's only through getting to know a person that the question of a last name becomes a sign post to the future. But this isn't exactly how things work. It's actually a lot more interesting because most everyone already knows their date's last name, they just have to wait for the right time to acknowledge it. Use this guide to figure it out. Some online daters definitely prefer to go into their meet-ups with as little information as possible, but many want to do a little googling in advance. I do it, and, in fact, I would encourage all online daters do it to ensure they know the person they've swiped is the person they're meeting. This invariably means that nine times out of 10, you're going to learn their last name and a whole lot more about them.

In many cases it means both parties are pretending like they haven't dug deep and haven't seen that trip you took to Rome or that weird facial hair thing you tried one time. Modern dating doesn't mean asking a person's last name. It means pretending like you don't know their last name. Within respectable limits, there's nothing wrong with double-checking the veracity of a person's profile You're making sure they aren't lying about their name, posing with Confederate flags, or wearing socks with sandals. It's a useful tool! Obviously, there's a fine line between checking someone out search dating sites by name being a creep.

It can get really icky really quickly when you do a deep dive into a stranger's social media. The difficulty comes in once you're actually on the date when you have to navigate how much you reveal about your pre-date searching. It can be more than a little awkward to acknowledge within minutes of meeting someone that you've found their weird backlit family pictures or know that their cat once helped them do yoga. It's even worse if the other person has done less searching or none at all. But even if you've only performed some basic, non-creepy searching, you still might feel creepy bringing it up.

It's really hard to know if it'll make the other person uncomfortable. You're meeting a stranger, and the last first impression you want to give is that your a stalker-y weirdo. The odds are, however, that both of you know things about each other, including your last names, but can't exactly bring it up. I have personally been in this position multiple times. Last fall, for example, I matched with someone on Tinder, and soon after we decided to meet up. We ended up dating for a bit, and it took a while before full identities were discussed. I, like many others, was caught in a good ol' fashioned catch-22. You don't want to bring up that you've searched, but you also don't want to be caught unawares of whom, exactly, you are meeting. That's basically the reality of modern dating for most of us. Finding the right moment to bring up what you know IRL can be difficult.

So next time someone asks you for your last name, maybe, just maybe, they really just want out of their cute dating pet names self-inflicted awkwardness. Find out more. Culture Like Follow. Modern dating means not having to say you're savvy.